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SRL-W series horizontal mixing unit


Function and structure:

It is used in mixing,stirring,drying,coloring of plastics,rubber chemicals for daily use,It is an ideal advance equipment of producing plastic board,pipe,profile and degradation plastics.

We digest and absorb foreign advanced technology in making mixer,which adopts the vacuum mixing principle,The electric meters all adopt imported famous brands and adopt PLC controlling,which has character of high automation,quick mixing,the blade is precisely cast of stainless steel and treated by dynamic and static balancing,Especially,the blades of colling machine adopt the advanced spiral stirring structure,which avoid dead angle,and with the feature of quick cooling,thoroughly discharging;high efficient of mixing .


Main Technical parameter:


SRL-W Heat/Cool Heat/Cool Heat/Cool Heat/Cool Heat/Cool
Total volume(L) 300/1000 500/1500 800/2000 1000/3000 800*2/4000
Effective capacity(L) 225/700 330/1000 600/1500 700/2100 1200/2700
Stirring speed(rpm) 475/950/80 430/860/70 370/740/60 300/600/50 350/700/65
Mixing time 8-12 8-15 8-15 8-15 8-15
Motor power(kw) 40/55/7.5 55/75/15 83/110/22 110/160/30 83/110*2/30
Weight(kg) 3300 4200 5500 6500 8000
Output(kg/h) 495 825 1320 1650 2640
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